Monday, November 22, 2010

3 weeks until D-Day, are you effing kidding me?

Wow, where has time gone?  I can't believe we're only 3 weeks out from ACO, holy crap!  If my shoulders will hold up until then, I'm good.  I've been feeling the impingement after this last week of workouts, but had 2 rest days in a row over the weekend, and I'm feeling much better today.  Lots of overhead stuff, snatch work, and upping the ante during my workouts with JDP.

Sunday I ran my long run on my own, just couldn't get up early and do it with Rogue.  We were supposed to do 9 miles that day, and due to my inability to do math whilst running, I ended up doing 10.36!  This is a new record for me, woo hoo!  After that run, I know I could do 13 no problem, so my fears about that have abated.  It was the first time I ran with my dual hydration belt and GU packets.  "Eating" on the fly was not very easy, though, because you're breathing gets interrupted.  It was doable, I just need to try not to choke to death while I'm running!

Tues 11-16-10

10 min cut off

KB snatch R arm
KB snatch L arm
Pull ups

Finished this one Rx'd (16kg) in 8:58.  Felt pretty good throughout, and managed to do all of my snatches unbroken.  I'm not feeling as strong on my pull ups as I used to, but managed to break them up into larger chunks instead of 2 or 3 at a time.

Thurs 11-18-10

3 rds/12 min cut off

3 OHS (75#)
9 back squats (75#)
18 burpees
2 shuttle runs

Rx'd weight for females was 105lbs, which to me, was a little too heavy.  My max OHS weight is 80lbs, so I went with 75lbs, finished in 8:02.  We ended class with a few dead hang contests, first right arm only, then left arm only, then both arms.  If you dropped from the bar you had to do bicycle sit ups until the last person came off the bar.  I didn't do very well on the one-armed hangs, but won the two-arm hang! :)

I only had one session with JDP this week, and we worked on my handstand holds, strict KB presses, pike position ring dips, and negative pull ups.  And of course, we did some mobility work before hand.  Things are coming along, I just need to work on my verbiage during workouts.  No more "can't", "won't", or "I hate that" allowed.  I'm trying to retrain my brain and be positive.  The negative thinking is only going to drag me down and have me defeated before I even get started.  I'm working on it though. :)

Oly lifting is still coming along.  Oleg is pleased with my lifts, and I think my timing has gotten much better.  I'm anxious to start trying for PR's on the clean and jerk.  Kind of ready to see what I can do.  We worked on snatching Friday, nothing too heavy, but they felt good.  I skipped Rogue's quality workout on Wednesday, and the long run on Sunday, because I felt my leg needed a break.  The hamstring is feeling much better after the rest.  I'll do a short run this afternoon to test the waters.  I'm running the turkey trot on Thanksgiving, so we'll see how it does then too.  I've also made some head way on my double unders, FINALLY!!!  I worked on them yesterday, and am at last getting several in a row.  I've been worried about these ever since I signed up for ACO.  I had visions of myself getting stuck on double unders in the middle of a WOD.  Now I've gained some confidence, and I'll continue to work on them up until the competition.

And yes, I am 100%, totally freaking out about competing, but I'm excited, and looking forward to being a part of the action, instead of watching it.  Yikes!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Eat, sleep, run, WOD, lift, repeat.

So the training schedule is beginning to take it's toll on my 41 year old body.  I know I'm not "old", per se, but I think I need to do some research on recovery and the aging athlete.  I am so sore these days, it has me wondering if I need to be doing something different in order to facilitate better recovery.  I'll let you know what I find out. (If you have your 2 cents to share on this subject, or know someone who would like to give me their 2 cents on this subject, please feel free to share.  I'd really like to know what people think).

I still have a full schedule of workouts, which is making my Oly lifting coach very unhappy.  In a perfect world, Oleg would like to see me do Oly lifting only.  I expect nothing less from him, he is, after all, biased towards lifting.  When he hears that I did 55 muscle snatches or 50 cleans in a CrossFit WOD, he mumbles something in Russian under his breath, and shakes his head in disbelief.  I think I'm going to stop telling him what I've been up to when I'm not lifting.  Maybe he'll quit asking since he never likes my answers!  Having said that, here's what I've been up to:

Sun 11-7-10  5 mile run with Rogue through Travis Heights. The hills were alive!  I'm finding it easier to maintain a decent pace while running uphill, yay progress!

Mon 11-8-10  3.7 mile easy run before lifting.  Oly lifting went well this day, lots of energy at the gym, and all of us were cranking out some great lifts.  Oleg was happy with all of us.  Heavy cleans and muscle snatches, good times.

Tues 11-9-10

7 rounds (20 min cutoff)

5 burpees
10 toes to bar
15 KB swings (20kg...holy shit, yep, I swung a 20kg for the first time)

Wow, when burpees are the "resting" phase of your WOD, something is definitely rotten in Denmark.  Toes to bar were not as good as they've been in the past, so they were my slow point.  Finished this one in 18:11.

Wed 11-10-10  Started my second week of PT with JDP, working on HSPU's and MU's.  The mobility stuff he has me doing is kicking my ass, which is good.  Spent a little time on double unders too, and we've come to the conclusion that I need to get more intense when I'm doing these.  Actually managed to string about 5 together, again, yay progress!

Then I was off to Rogue for our quality run workout.  It was 6 miles total (according to the Garmin watch) but we ran to the track (about 1.75 miles away) then proceeded to do speed work.  Run a mile at half marathon pace (which started and ended at the track), shuffle run 100m, the 800m at 10K pace. Repeat.  Run back to Rogue.  I usually drive down 6th street on my way home, and all I could think about was pizza, Roppolo's (sp?) specifically.  I managed to drive past it without stopping.

Thurs 11-11-10 

3 rounds (6 min cutoff)

12 deadlifts (135lbs)
25 push-ups

DNF (FML)  I made it through 12 push-ups in the last round.  Eff me, that's all I could say after this one.  I was super stoked about the deadlifts, but not so happy to see them paired with push-ups.  I did all the deadlifts unbroken (woot woot!) and then there were push-ups.  I tried them with my arms closer to my body this time, and saw improvement in the number I could do before I had to take a rest. BUT, I hit failure in the second round, and ended up doing "sets" of 1 from that point on. Grrr.  I had to take a walk after this WOD because I was so frustrated and pissed off.  Push-up work has now been added to the schedule.  (And by the way, had to do this WOD next to Luke, who did it in 2:02.  Are you fucking kidding me? He's not human, I'm pretty sure).

Fri 11-12-10  Oly lifting!  Planned on doing snatch work, but because my arms were toast, we ended up doing cleans, and heavy clean pulls from blocks.  My pulls are great, now if I could just convince myself to get under the bar, I'd be in business.  I'm working on it!  Elbows are fast now, so that's improvement!

Sat 11-13-10  More HSPU and MU training with JDP.  Had several episodes of the giggles while doing HSPU's, this is contraindicated if you are upside down and trying not to break your neck.  MU work was hard!  (I know, duh!)  Did some of the crazy butt-band muscle ups with JDP assistance, and got the gist of what doing a full muscle up is supposed to feel like.  My wrists are sore and bruised today, but I'll take it!

Rest day today, skipped the long run with Rogue.  In the end, my hamstring health is a little more important to me right now than sucking it up, and possibly injuring myself, and pushing through 9 miles just to say I did it.  I'd rather have a healthy leg, than 9 miles under my belt.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Things that make you go, hmm?

It's in my nature to obsess, and in keeping with what comes naturally, I have been thinking about the ACO pretty much 24/7 since the day I signed up.  I waver between sheer panic and utter determination almost constantly.  And it basically comes down to two things:  "What if I'm not good enough?"  Or "What if I'm better than I thought?"  I'm not sure which scares me more.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Awesomeness training continued (ACO or bust)

I'm going to keep referring to my ongoing training for ACO as "awesomeness training."  It may be silly, but it works for me :)  As I write this morning, I'm in a serious world of hurt, but pain is weakness leaving the body, right?  Anyway, inverted burpees have taken me down for the count, and everyone knows that day two after a workout is the worst, so here I am, day two, and I feel like I have whiplash.  Neck mobility is close to zero (I feel like I'm wearing a C-collar), but it's all muscle soreness/stiffness, and I'm confident it will only get better.  JDP said my inverted burpees were "legit," so at least I was doing them correctly! 

So to catch up, here are the workouts...


18 min cutoff, 5 rounds
   200m run
   20 box jumps
   10 shoulder press (75% of max, so 65lbs)

DNF'd this one with 4 rounds + 200m run + 20 box jumps.  All I can say is running and box jumps together = major suckage.

I went to Memphis over the weekend, missed Thursday's class, and basically rested the whole weekend.  I attempted my 8 mile long run on that Sunday, but it was rainy, and I managed 4.25 miles before the thunder and lightning started.  I figured it wouldn't be too smart to continue running in the rain next to a large body of water, so I stopped.  I did, however, run in the rain and it felt glorious!  I highly recommend a run in the rain if you get the opportunity, it was amazing!


CC Flyers, 3 rounds, 15 min cutoff
   400m run
   21 box jumps
   12 OHS (65lbs)

I finished this time!  Did this one in 13:27, last attempt was a DNF in August (only lacked 4 OHS), so progress!


Skill work was floor presses, I PR'd with a new max of 115lbs (previous was 100lbs)

For time, 1 round
   500m row
   30 wall balls (14lbs)
   20 burpee pullups

I think I must have heard JDP wrong when he called out my time to me, because I wrote down 8:08.  I think it was probably 10:08 or 11:08 though, because the best mens time was somewhere in the 8 minute range, and there's no way in hell I did the same time as the best man.  Several of my classmates beat me too, and they didn't podium, so 8:08 was more like wishful thinking on my part, lol!  Anyway, it was fun to finally get to do burpee pullups.


"Deadman's row"
   2000m row
   Max reps deadlift (185lbs Rx'd) subtract 5 seconds from row time for every deadlift completed

I was nervous about doing this one, but really excited too, because I always enjoy seeing how I would do in a sectionals or regionals WOD.  I ended up with a final time of 7:58.  I rowed 8:33 and did 7 deadlifts, and felt like a rockstar afterwards.  Go figure.  Some WODs just make me happy.


3 rounds, 15 minute cutoff
   15 inverted burpees
   9 front squats (95lbs)
   21 pull ups

I DNF'd this one with 2 rounds + 10 burpees.  Inverted burpees, fun, but taxing.  I pussed out on the front squat weight too.  I started with the Rx'd weight of 105lbs, and had no problem cleaning it before the WOD started, but once I went to the bar after the burpees, it was a whole different story.  I missed the first attempt at cleaning it, and panicked.  I kicked off my shoes, because it felt like I was sinking when I tried the lift.  Being barefoot helped a little on the second attempt, but my mind wasn't having it, and I choked on the second attempt.  So I dropped down to 95lbs and went with it from there.  I need to work on my front squats for sure.  They looked crappy, they felt crappy, and my elbows kept going down every time. Meh.

The half marathon training is going well, except for my second attempt at 8 miles.  I made the mistake of skipping the early morning run with Rogue, in favor of sleeping in a little and getting some much needed rest.  Bad decision.  I ended up running when it was 87 degrees out, and that little bit of heat smoked me fast.  I made sure to run out 4 miles to start, no matter what, because I knew I needed to get 8 miles done any which way I could.  At 5.25 miles I hit a wall.  I literally had to stop running.  I guess it just wasn't my day.  I walked to mile 6, then run/walked the last 2 miles.  I felt like shit, but it was done.  I'm having a hard time fitting in the shorter runs during the week too.  My schedule has gotten a little out of control these days, and fitting in 3 miles here and there is proving difficult.  The Wednesday quality workouts are tough but fun.  We ran mile loops in Travis Heights for hill practice this week, and did fartlek work the week before.  Next Sunday we tackle 9 miles...holy crap, say a prayer for me!

Operation muscle up and HSPU has begun as well.  I've started doing some PT with JDP, and after 2 sessions I have realized a couple of things, 1. I'm not as close to a muscle up as I thought I was (big LOL here, because I really thought I was closer to it than I am, and 2. Lo and behold, I'm much closer to a HSPU than I thought I was.  Hmm, go figure?  I can officially do a strict HSPU to a 45lb plate + one thickness of a green mat.  Woo hoo!!!  Progress!  Muscle up discussion will be held until a later date, nothing dazzling or impressive going on there, just working on my callouses for now :)

Longest. Post. Ever.  Thanks for reading the whole thing (if anyone did).  That's what I get for taking 3 weeks off from posting.  Happy crossfitting!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cleared for take-off

Saw the ortho doc today, and he cleared me to "get back to my regular workouts." Nice of him, seeing as how I never really stopped working out. Have you met me?  Anyway, I feel good to go, some residual pain in the mornings, but I think I'm on the right track with getting my posture fixed and getting "organized" by Sam.  I have a new issue with my right hamstring/glute, and Sam is also helping me get that worked out. Evidently, my right hip is weaker than the left, the glute isn't doing it's job properly, so my poor hamstring is taking up the slack.  I'm trying to get this area strengthened up, because my leg is pretty worthless when it's tight as fuck!  My runs with Rogue are getting longer and longer, so it's imperative that I get this thing back to working order.  Our long run this weekend is 8 miles...whew!  I'm going to have to do this while on vacation in Memphis.  Can't wait to run around Shelby Farms like I used to!  I'm hoping a change of scenery will make the run a little easier and more enjoyable.  I'm getting kind of burned out on running the trail up at Brushy Creek, and was not looking forward to an 8-mile loop up there.

WOD's from last week:

Tues 10-12-10

Kettlebell ladder

10 squats
20 snatches
30 cleans
40 push ups
50 swings
40 push ups
30 cleans
20 snatches
10 squats

I don't remember the time cut-off for this one, and forgot to write it down, but I made it through the last 30 cleans.  I once again got hung up on the push ups, THEY'RE SO TIME CONSUMING!!!!  But, I did all of them on my toes, Rx'd this one with a 16kg kettlebell too.

Thurs 10-14-10

10 rounds

5 Hanging snatches
5 Burpees

Again, forgot the time cut-off, I think it was 10 minutes.  After a short debate with JDP over how much I was going to use (which went something like, ME: "I don't think I can do 55lbs for 10 rounds," JDP:  "Let me see you snatch it," ME: (as I'm demoing) "I should probably use 45," JDP:  "Nope, that's your weight." (as he walks away).  He was right, as much as I hate to admit, Rx'd this one with 55lbs, made it into my 9th round with 5 H. snatches + 3 burpees.

So my big news is that I've signed up for the All Cities Open in Dallas, in December.  They're having a "40+ division", so I felt like I had to do it.  I'm of course scared shit-less, but I've already paid, gotten the time off from work, etc. so I'm in.  Fuck me.  I have 7 weeks to get my double unders, and to get my push-up stamina built up.  I could use all the support and encouragement I can get, because I truly am terrified.  Here goes nothin'.....

Friday, October 15, 2010

All Cities Open @ Dallas CrossFit

I'm going to do it.
Holy crap, was that out loud?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The week in review...

I had a decent week, felt a little more tired than usual, I think the non-stop schedule I've created kind of got the best of me.  Sunday I had a great long run with Rogue.  It was a hilly 6 miles through downtown, past DKR stadium, turnaround at 32nd or 38th, can't remember.  CrossFit has ruined me for the "nice and easy" long runs, which I guess is a good thing.  I finished first, couldn't help myself, had to run it like I meant it!  The weather was fantastic too!  Wednesday we ran our 2-mile timed run at the track.  I finished in 17:27 which is great for me.  My goal is to bring it down into the 15-16 minute range the next time we test.  If I keep up the paces I've been running, I should have no problem attaining my goal of a sub-2-hour half.  We'll see!

WOD Thurs 10/2/10

200m lunges
50 box jumps (20in)
30 deadlifts (185#)

Finished this one in 16:08, Rx'd it too with those 185# deadlifts, WOO HOO!!!  I am pleased to say, I avoided post-deadlift-angry-back-syndrome after this WOD as well.  I think my legs have gotten a lot stronger in the past few months from my Oly lifting, and I definitely felt like I used them more in this WOD.  Saved the back!

WOD Tues 10/5/10

3 rounds

9 deadlifts (85# all movements)
7 sumo deadlift high pulls
5 push press
400m run

Finished this one in 11:00 flat.  Rx'd as well, 10 seconds behind Clarkie...I'm gonna catch you girl!!! :)  We both agreed that the run in this WOD was the big suck.  I struggled a bit with the push presses too, I had to fight the urge to jerk it when I started getting tired.

WOD Thurs 10/7/10

Back squats 5-5-3-3-3 (75-85-95-105-125)

3 min row for calories
rest 30 sec
3 min ring rows
rest 30 sec
3 min DB floor press (25#)

I managed 125 (reps + cals).  I jumped into Chris Hartwell's 4:00 class this day, so I missed my regular peeps from JDP's 6:45 class.  I was really disappointed I couldn't do this one Rx'd too.  I tried the 35# dumb bells, and it just wasn't happening with my left arm.  I think I could have managed with the right.  Tried the 30# ones too, and it was too much also.  Meh, 25#, oh well.  I need to work on my upper body strength obviously.

Oly lifting was good this week as well.  We worked on snatch grip heavy pulls, using the straps and the platform on top of the platform, etc. Cleans from the platform, and got to do some muscle snatching.  The shoulders feel pretty good, except when I'm trying to sleep.  I'm through with physical therapy, but still seeing Sam for some ART.  He said everything is looking and feeling better, progress!  I'll see my ortho in 2 weeks, so we'll see what he says.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Getting "organized"

After 2 sessions with the mobility savior, Sam Sneed, my shoulders are feeling like a million bucks!  Turns out all of my problems came from having crappy posture.  I was completely oblivious about my poor posture.  I looked through pictures from the Women's Challenge, and in every one, I am slouching big time.  Because of Sam (and JDP) I've become more aware of how I stand, sit, etc. throughout the day, and have been constantly correcting my position if I catch myself slouching forward, or let my shoulders roll forward.  I've been doing exercises to strengthen my "posture" muscles and my internal and external rotators.  I think it's working.  I tested the shoulders out this week, with some overhead lifts in my Oly class, and by doing "Cindy" on Tuesday.  No problems so far.  I made sure to ice after all workouts as well.  No pain in the collarbones, woo hoo!  I've decided to either cut back my physical therapy at Greater Austin Ortho, or eliminate it completely.  I think that the work Sam has done on me and a few more sessions with him will ensure I'm on the right track to fixing my posture problem.

Workouts this week have been pretty good.  I've managed to get all of my running in this week, and will cap it off with a long run on Sunday.  Monday I cleaned 110#, not a PR, 5lbs shy of it, BUT, it was a smooth, clean lift with a huge pull, and it didn't knock me on my ass, like it used to. I felt strong, the lift felt great, progress!  Tuesdays WOD, "Cindy" was very disappointing, I only managed 11 rounds and change.  My pull ups and squats were no problem, but once again, I got held up with my push ups.  I am on a mission to improve my push up stamina.  I've been asking every elite Crossfitter I can find what they suggest I do to improve...we'll see how it works out.  Thursdays WOD was a nice way to end my week!  200m lunges, 50 box jumps, 30 deadlifts (185# Rx'd) 16:08!  I was happy with it, because not many women did it with the Rx'd weight.  Yay me! :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Half-Marathon training has begun!

So far I've only had one running workout with Rogue, a "long" run on Sunday (3.45 miles, lol), but tonight is my first "quality" workout with my new coach.  Not looking forward to running at 6:00 in the heat and humidity, but I'm taking my cleavage cooler (laugh, but it works) with me, so hopefully that will help a little.  I think we're doing a 2 mile time trial, but not sure.  I may hold up on posting this until after my workout tonight. ***We did a 3 mile run, easy pace, the heat was no problem, thank God!***

Because of the shoulder issues, I've been taking it easy, so to speak, in my CrossFit classes.  JDP is making me scale the workouts appropriately, so I've been 8 days without doing any overhead movements.

WOD 9/09/10

15min/5 rounds

15 push-ups
15 back extensions
200m run

Time: 14:57

WOD 9/14/10

12 min cutoff

10 HSPU/30 box jumps, 8 HSPU/30 box jumps, 6 HSPU/30 box jumps...4, 2

Substituted ring rows on steroids for HSPU's.  Had to extend my feet onto a 24 inch box, and keep my hips up (almost an upside down plank) and row like that.

Time:  DNF, made it through the last 2 ring rows + 15 box jumps

Oly lifting this week has kind of been a bummer without being able to do any snatches.  Oleg has me working on my cleans and my clean pulls, plus adding in some back and front squats, with some crazy split squats too.  Cleaning from blocks is kind of interesting.  You start from the half way point of the clean, really, then have to find the power in the pull to finish the lift.   It's really keeping me from jerking the weight up with my arms, and forcing me to keep them straight right out of the box.  I think I'm finally getting the hang of it.

Anyway, I have my first PT appointment tomorrow, we'll see how it goes.  I also made an appointment with a chiropractor to get an adjustment.  I haven't had one of those in a while, and I figure it couldn't hurt at this point.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Impingement Syndrome

Or "crossfititis", as Jess Clark put it (lol).  Yep, I've finally done it, I've pissed my shoulders off.  I'm chalking it up to a few things, a recent increase in weight with overhead lifts (snatch, C&J, shoulder press specifically) and my diet.  I think my lack of proper nutrition post-workout  had some affect on the recovery process.  For a couple of weeks I just haven't been interested in eating after lifting, or class.  I wasn't hungry, so I either skimped by on a recovery shake, or had an egg and some nuts for dinner, and that was it.  I'm back on track though, making sure I'm getting good protein, carbs, and fat, and having a "meal" for dinner, instead of a snack.  We'll see if this helps.

6 weeks of physical therapy here I come! (BOO!!!!)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

CrossFit Total Week

I'll admit, CrossFit Total Week is generally not my most favorite week at Central, but it's necessary, and I get that.  Having said that, it turned out to be a fan-tastic week for me!  I was a little disappointed with my back squat, only managed 170lbs, but it was still a PR (up 5lbs).  Shoulder press, ahhhh, shoulder press...I have been stuck at 80lbs since March, but on Tuesday, I popped up a quick 85lbs, and it felt so good to get over that hurdle!  The best part of my week was on Thursday, when I pulled a 275lbs deadlift (up 30lbs)!!!!  I was so excited I could hardly stand it!  It's amazing what visualization and throwing things out to the universe can do for you.  I literally had 275 in my head all day, and made up my mind when I woke up that morning that 275 was going to be my number, and then it happened!  Oh, the power of positive thinking!

CrossFit Total:  530

The rest of the week went okay as well, except for a minor shoulder issue.  I have an appointment Tuesday to check it out and make sure I haven't torn or ruptured anything.  I'm pretty sure it's just a muscle/mobility problem, because after ice, Aleve, and massage, it feels a lot better.

Oly lifting this week:

Monday we worked on some light snatches 20kg, 25kg, and 27kg, clean and jerks 30kg, 35kg, 40kg, 42kg, and 45kg, and clean pulls with straps 45kg, 50kg, and 55kg.

Friday we warmed up with some light muscle snatches, 35#, and 20kg, power cleans w/pause 30kg, 35kg, and 40kg, snatch pulls from the floor and below the knee 35kg and 40kg, and front squats 30kg, 35kg, and 40kg.

I'm going to end the week with a dinner at Malaga tonight, then I plan on doing a Tribe WOD for the first time on Sunday.  Can't wait to see what Lory and Annie have been up to with Miss B!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Got game?

No, apparently I don't.

Much to my dismay, I have discovered that I am not as mentally strong as I am physically. Somehow the two have said their goodbyes and gone their separate ways. I wish I knew how other people do it. How they find the last dregs of strength in a WOD when they need it to push through to the end. How the idea of quitting, or giving up in the middle, never occurs to them. The do or die mentality. How do they do it? How do I get there?

I really am a competitive person, but you'd never know it. I spent my childhood trying to keep up with my three older brothers, trying to beat them at everything. They were cut-throat with me too, no coddling, no letting me win. If I won, it was all me. And I did win sometimes, and when I did, I loved it! So what happened? Why'd I lose that competitive edge, and when?

I want to be one of those people that it never occurs to them to do anything except go balls out during a WOD. I need to find out how to get there. I need to work on my mental strength as much as I work on the physical aspects. Do I need a mentor/coach? Probably. Can I afford one right now? Nope. So I'm going to try and figure this out the best I can. I'm going to ask questions, I'm going to observe. I'm going to try and get to the bottom of this and figure out how to get the eye of the tiger look in my eyes. I want to be a contender, to succeed at this thing I love, called CrossFit. I want game.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Catching up!

A little behind on the postings, but a lot has gone on in the interim. This past Saturday I competed in the CrossFit Central Women's Challenge, with teammates, Alexis Michie and Pam Gagot. We came in third overall, out of 28 teams, not bad! We won both of our heats, which was awesome! It was fun to compete, but I'm exhausted today. I've never had to work so hard in my life. I can say, unequivocally, that my teammates kicked some serious butt, and it if it wasn't for their energy and enthusiasm, I would have never made it! Thanks ladies! Our WODs were as follows:

WOD 1: 2 mile trail run with
50 clapping push-ups
100 kettlebell high pulls to sprawl (15lbs/16kg)
25 medball rainbows
3 nutrition questions. Can't remember our time though!

WOD 2: 75 deadlifts @ 135lbs
75 box jumps (20 in. box)
93 ground to overhead (65lbs)
75 burpees
50 pull-ups
400m sandbag sprint

We finished in 17:43. Whew!

Last weeks' Oly lifting went well, lots of pull practice, and worked a lot on cleans. I'm enjoying the work, but still trying to get used to using kilograms and not pounds! I guess it's better that I don't know how much I'm lifting until after I'm done. That way I can't mentally back out of a lift before I do it. I haven't been lifting crazy heavy weight though, I know, but I feel like things are really coming along.

WODs for last week were:

3 rounds/15 min cut off/95#
10 front squats
5 muscle ups (red band assisted)
10 push press

This was the first time I had ever attempted 95lbs in any kind of overhead capacity. It was a push press PR for me, but JDP laughed and said, "Um, it's not really a PR if you do it 10 times," so I guess I need to see what my one rep max is now! :o) I managed to get through 1 full round + 5 muscle ups + 7 push press. Even though I didn't finish, it felt good to know I RX'd the weight in this WOD. Props to Jess Clark, because she also did 95lbs, and we held each other accountable. Props to JDP, because he stuck to us like glue, and made sure we kept our form, and didn't hurt ourselves.

20 min cut off/RX weight 35# DB (I used 25#)
45 toes to bar
30 DB floor presses
50' DB lunges
30 renegade rows
45 toes to bar

I DNF'd this one, made it thru 17 toes to bar at the end.

Overall it was a good week. I look forward to spending the day on my couch, and doing as little as possible!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No more hatin'

I'm through. I'm done being a hater. It takes too much energy to worry about what other people are doing or thinking. I'm just going to take responsibility for my actions, my words, and not let what other people think get to me.

I realized why I'm so miserable a lot of the time, finally...I'm too busy trying to be better than someone else, too busy trying to keep up with others, too busy wondering if people like me, or what they think. Too busy being jealous of the people I should be empowering or cheering on, too busy being stupid!

So I'm done! I'm going to use my energy for better things, like finishing WODs, improving my lifts, cheering my fellow crossfitters, uplifting people instead of dragging them down. Life's too short for bullshit.

Time to use my powers for good and not evil! :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

WOD 8/12/10

3 rounds/20 minutes/M 1.5 pood/F 1 pood

400m row
21 Toes to bar
21 KB clean to press (16kg)

Needless to say, I DNF'd this one as well, *sigh*. But, I made it through 2 rounds + 16 toes to bar in the 20 minute time limit. I managed 3 sets of 7 in the first round, but by round 2 it was 7 sets of 3. Oh well, I tried to keep moving! I didn't attempt the 1 pood KB clean this time around, because my left arm is so much weaker than my right. I need to do some strength training to get the left up to snuff. I only tore one spot on my left hand, so I'm grateful for that too. I managed to figure out how to kip with the toes to bar, and that helped a lot. My abs are already sore today, and I can only imagine how they're going to feel on day two, lol! Lifting tonight and tomorrow should be interesting...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WOD 8/10/10

Ring dips

We unfortunately had a 12 minute cutoff. I know I would have finished if we had the original 15 minute time limit, but oh well. I used 85lbs, and a red band for the ring dips, made it through 21-15 + 7 cleans. IT WAS HOT AS F*CK too, but that's just me whining. ;o)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Turning a corner?

At least I'm trying to, turn a corner that is. I've been in a funk for the past month or so, and I'm slowly dragging myself out of it. I haven't been enjoying my crossfitting or lifting classes, but I feel like that's all about to change. I've signed up for the Women's Challenge at CrossFit Central, with two amazing athletes, Pam and Alexis. We're collectively known as "Shock-n-Awe", and ready to kick some ass at the challenge! Pam and Alexis will definitely make me bring my A+ game, and I won't let them down.

I had to leave Sicfit Austin recently, due to financial reasons, but I'm still doing my Oly lifting. I've got a new coach at Woodward CrossFit, Oleg Kechko (Former Olympian, World Champion, and Arnold Classic winner). After 2 sessions with Oleg, I have a renewed respect for Oly lifting, and I'm learning a lot of new and different things. I've been introduced to training straps, they're wrist straps that you use to attach yourself to the barbell. Never used them before, but I've become a fan. They're great for learning your pulls. I also bought some deadlift socks, because my shins are black and blue!!!

I'm looking forward to the end of the summer heat, and hope with the start of fall, I'll be back on track, loving my lifting, crossfitting, and get back to the running. Can't wait to run some 5 and 10K races, and to get back to my long runs that I'm missing so much now.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Anniversary CrossFit

Today marks my one year anniversary of CrossFit. 365 days ago, Chris Hartwell gave me a PVC pipe, and made me squat, and squat, and squat some more. I remember the elements class like it was yesterday. I remember giving Chris a heart attack when I was learning jumping pull-ups, and I jumped, missed the box, and landed square on my chest. I'm not sure who it scared more, me or him, but I was fine, earned my first bruises and scrapes, and moved on.

Lance Cantu was my Level One coach. I still wasn't sure if I liked CrossFit or not, about two weeks into the class. I remember posting on Facebook, "Oh CrossFit, will I ever truly love you?" I didn't get it, but every time I asked Lance if we were doing this workout for time, he would just smile, and tell me, "yes, Karen, for time." I think it took me a month before I figured out that in CrossFit, everything's for time. I remember watching the "real" CrossFitters, in the "real" classes, and thinking, "holy shit, there's no way in hell I'm going to be ready for that class." Lance had to literally kick me out of Level One after my second month, and I was terrified.

After personal training sessions with Lance in the fall of 2009, and with Zach more recently, the I Am Challenge, and now the Spartan 300 Challenge, I can say that I am a CrossFitter. I love this shit. I love my affiliate, CrossFit Central (and holla to SICFIT!!), and I will do this until my body gives out. I love the people I've met, and the coaches and classmates who have pushed me to do just a little bit more, pushed me outside of my comfort zone, and made me stronger than I could ever have imagined. I have finally found "my people." I finally feel like I belong to something bigger. That I belong, period.

365 days ago these words were not even a part of my vocabulary, WOD, paleo, kipping pull-up, muscle up, hand-stand push-up, overhead squat, thruster, and my love, deadlift! 365 days ago I was a different human being. That 40-year old woman wouldn't even begin to recognize the 41-year old staring back at her today. And to CrossFit, I say thank you.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cuz I'm a girl?

I had the bright idea of trying to include other people in my suffering, and much to my chagrin, it worked. I decided that I need to work on my push-ups, so I can crank them out faster at the final Spartan benchmark WOD on June 26th, so I invited others to join me in this 20-day challenge. The only problem is, is that NOW I HAVE TO DO 50 PUSH-UPS A DAY FOR THE NEXT 20 DAYS!!!! Or else...

I felt good about this idea of mine, until I invited the boys on my Spartan team to join us girls in our quest for push-up greatness. Forgetting, of course, that men (for general intents and purposes) have greater upper body strength than we women do (for the most part). And, they're usually better at push-ups. (Ladies, don't get all excited, I said usually) Well, after they sent me their times for their 50 push-ups, clearly they don't need any help in this department. They sent in times ranging from 1:02 to :49, are you kidding me? Up to this point, I've been hoping to get them done in under 5 minutes! Sub-minute? WTF, How?

So, I made my first attempt at greatness this morning, fresh out of bed, raring to go, OMG 25 push-ups barely, in a minute, and I had already started the "sets of 3 or 4". Boo! So disgusted with my performance that I quit right there, vowing to do them again this afternoon.

...And...they're done. 50 push-ups in 4:42. Major suckage, but there's only one way to go, and that's towards improvement! I can't compare myself to the guys right now, and I won't say it's because I'm a girl. I'm just not there yet. Talk to me in 20 days.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Buh-bye fruit, it was nice knowing you.

Yes, it's the end of the road for me and my faves, strawberries, blackberries, and pineapple. After some cyber-stalking, and googling, I have come to the conclusion, that those who are most successful at this thing we call CrossFit, don't really eat a whole lot of fruit, if any, really. Bummer. I love my sweet treats. After the fruit I have in my refrigerator is gone, I'm not going to buy anymore until the Spartan Challenge is over. I'm hoping it will improve my overall performance, my body fat percentage, and perhaps, curb the dreaded sugar "crazies" I sometimes fall victim to. My normal sunny disposition (hey, quit laughing) will possibly be absent during this time, I will try my best to remain positive. *Sigh* this is NOT going to be fun.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Where's the Oomph?

I've been thinking a lot about my CrossFit WOD's, and why I may start with gusto, then peeter out in the middle, and by the end, I'm just so grateful it's over, that I want to collapse. I know I'm not alone in feeling this way, and performing this way, but I need to figure out how to dig deep when I feel like I've got nothing left, and finish strong. I've been doing small group training with Zach on Fridays (with Lory and Andrew), and have been getting my ass handed to me each time. My performance in yesterday's WOD was a prime example of what I'm trying to stop doing. First things first, "the WOD":

30 Deadlifts (65#)
20 Hang cleans (65#)
10 Push press (65#)
4 Sled runs (90#)

Oh, and FIVE ROUNDS of it kids, good times! :o)

So as usual, Lory wiped the floor with me and Andrew. She is a badass. A sweet, yet strong-as-shit badass! I have thoroughly enjoyed working out with her, and need to take a page from her book on how to take a WOD, run with it, kill it, and finish strong. Having said that, hey Lory, how do you do it?

Anyway, I made it through the first round fine, then started slowing down during the second. What's happening here? Sure it was hot (who cares, we were all equally hot), my thumbs tore (who cares, it's CrossFit, that shit happens all the time), I'm getting tired fast (again, so what, suck it up), but it happened. I felt like I was "done" and hadn't even finished round 2! WTF??!?! There were so many rounds, I'm still not even sure I made it through all 5! (Really, I'm not sure I did, which leads me down another path, why is it so hard to keep track of what you're doing in the middle of a WOD? Why does everyone else seem like they're on top of their rounds and I don't? Why do I think I haven't done the whole WOD? Why do I feel like if I'm performing well, something must be wrong?) I finished in 32:14, more than a minute and a half (maybe 2 minutes?) behind Lory, and I was DEAD. We all were. Zach told us he felt like kicking our asses, and he delivered. I kind of like that he doesn't give us a time cut-off, I say "kind of", because it's great to finish a WOD, but then it means you have to actually finish the WOD. The end is when you finish, and only when you finish. Like I said, good times!

I still wonder where the energy goes? I'm still trying to figure out how to find that extra something that will push me through the WOD until the end. Where is the oomph? I need to find it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A CrossFit "mental health" day

So last nights WOD probably won't go down on my lists of favorites. 21-15-9 Hanging snatches and OHS. I've been learning all about the "regular" snatch for the last few weeks, and feel like I've got the hang of it, at the very least. But then the hanging snatch had to come into play and wreck all of the happiness and joy I had for snatching. I know CrossFit is great at exposing ones weaknesses and all, but DAMN! I felt like the biggest wuss on the planet last night. I only did the 35lb bar. I tried the 45lb one, threw it up over head once, and quickly psyched myself out of using it in the WOD. JDP told us to get our bars ready, and I just stood there, with my 35lb bar of wussiness in front of me. He looked at me, looked at the bar, looked at me again, and I shrugged. Meh. Yes, I was going with 35lbs. I finished first (6:14) while everyone else struggled with their heavier weights. It felt good to finish the WOD for a change. It felt good to yell "TIME" before anyone else. Yes, I used a light weight, but I'm claiming yesterday as a CrossFit mental health day. Sometimes it's nice just to finish.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

So I'm feeling a bit wussy right now...especially after seeing that my team went out and worked their butts off doing a WOD after the 2 hour Spartan Seminar. I was really fried though. I had already done 4 days that week, plus the seminar on Saturday. I know, whine, whine, whine. But, I felt really guilty after I asked Travis if I could count the seminar as a workout for the week. Guilty enough, that I ended up doing one of the shorter WOD's for the week, after some rest and some lunch! So 6 workouts last week, whew! My massage therapist worked her magic, and I'm as good as new, and ready for what the week will bring!

The "Positive's" from last week: 5 reps of my former back squat PR (145#), snatch after snatch that went over head and stayed over head (and even made Zach happy), in bed in time to get at least 7.5 hours of sleep every night, off of facebook by 7pm each night, first negative HSPU's on Saturday. Thanks to Jen Cardella for coaching me through them, and saying to me, "nothing bad is going to happen" while I was doing them.

This week I look forward to more work at SICFIT, another PT session with Zach and Lory, and push-ups with my X-Vest on...50 unbroken? Not yet, but the challenge has just begun.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spartan Challenge

Ok, so the benchmark WOD has come and gone, thank GOD! I didn't do as well as I had hoped, I made it through 48 floor wipers before the 20 minute cut-off. This was the first time I had ever done a floor wiper, and the verdict is...they weren't so bad. They weren't fantastic either, but I was worried all for naught. I also felt pretty good once I realized that very few of the women took on the elite weight of 95 pounds, so YAY me! I definitely need to work on speeding up my push-ups and box jumps. I'm still a little surprised I got bogged down in those, but this is CrossFit, there's always surprises.

WOD---Spartan Challenge (20 min. time limit)

25 Pull ups
50 Dead lifts (95#)
50 Push ups
50 Box jumps (20 inch)
50 Floor wipers
50 KB clean to press (12kg)
25 Pull ups

Body comp stats: 142.2 lbs (gasp!), 26.2% body fat (which I still am wondering how this is possible, because I ended the last challenge at 17%, go figure).

7-week Goals: 1-rep snatch @ 75#, wean myself off the soy sauce so as to have the most "Paleo" diet possible, computer off at 7pm (although I seem to have thought it was 7:30pm, my bad) and in bed by 9pm (Sun-Thurs), so I can get 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Spartan Challenge

So the challenge starts tomorrow with the benchmark WOD. Am I ready? I guess I'll find out soon enough.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oh boy, I've done it. Started a blog, finally. I still have a lot to learn so bear with me!