Sunday, August 22, 2010

Catching up!

A little behind on the postings, but a lot has gone on in the interim. This past Saturday I competed in the CrossFit Central Women's Challenge, with teammates, Alexis Michie and Pam Gagot. We came in third overall, out of 28 teams, not bad! We won both of our heats, which was awesome! It was fun to compete, but I'm exhausted today. I've never had to work so hard in my life. I can say, unequivocally, that my teammates kicked some serious butt, and it if it wasn't for their energy and enthusiasm, I would have never made it! Thanks ladies! Our WODs were as follows:

WOD 1: 2 mile trail run with
50 clapping push-ups
100 kettlebell high pulls to sprawl (15lbs/16kg)
25 medball rainbows
3 nutrition questions. Can't remember our time though!

WOD 2: 75 deadlifts @ 135lbs
75 box jumps (20 in. box)
93 ground to overhead (65lbs)
75 burpees
50 pull-ups
400m sandbag sprint

We finished in 17:43. Whew!

Last weeks' Oly lifting went well, lots of pull practice, and worked a lot on cleans. I'm enjoying the work, but still trying to get used to using kilograms and not pounds! I guess it's better that I don't know how much I'm lifting until after I'm done. That way I can't mentally back out of a lift before I do it. I haven't been lifting crazy heavy weight though, I know, but I feel like things are really coming along.

WODs for last week were:

3 rounds/15 min cut off/95#
10 front squats
5 muscle ups (red band assisted)
10 push press

This was the first time I had ever attempted 95lbs in any kind of overhead capacity. It was a push press PR for me, but JDP laughed and said, "Um, it's not really a PR if you do it 10 times," so I guess I need to see what my one rep max is now! :o) I managed to get through 1 full round + 5 muscle ups + 7 push press. Even though I didn't finish, it felt good to know I RX'd the weight in this WOD. Props to Jess Clark, because she also did 95lbs, and we held each other accountable. Props to JDP, because he stuck to us like glue, and made sure we kept our form, and didn't hurt ourselves.

20 min cut off/RX weight 35# DB (I used 25#)
45 toes to bar
30 DB floor presses
50' DB lunges
30 renegade rows
45 toes to bar

I DNF'd this one, made it thru 17 toes to bar at the end.

Overall it was a good week. I look forward to spending the day on my couch, and doing as little as possible!

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