Thursday, September 9, 2010

Impingement Syndrome

Or "crossfititis", as Jess Clark put it (lol).  Yep, I've finally done it, I've pissed my shoulders off.  I'm chalking it up to a few things, a recent increase in weight with overhead lifts (snatch, C&J, shoulder press specifically) and my diet.  I think my lack of proper nutrition post-workout  had some affect on the recovery process.  For a couple of weeks I just haven't been interested in eating after lifting, or class.  I wasn't hungry, so I either skimped by on a recovery shake, or had an egg and some nuts for dinner, and that was it.  I'm back on track though, making sure I'm getting good protein, carbs, and fat, and having a "meal" for dinner, instead of a snack.  We'll see if this helps.

6 weeks of physical therapy here I come! (BOO!!!!)


  1. Rest and recovery are soooo important. You'll be back at the heavy lifts in no time, with renewed desire to "throw the weight around". Til then, don't even attmept anything foolish in class, or I'll take your ass out! :) That's what friends are for...

  2. Thanks girl! I definitely need someone to keep me in check! ;o)