Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Anniversary CrossFit

Today marks my one year anniversary of CrossFit. 365 days ago, Chris Hartwell gave me a PVC pipe, and made me squat, and squat, and squat some more. I remember the elements class like it was yesterday. I remember giving Chris a heart attack when I was learning jumping pull-ups, and I jumped, missed the box, and landed square on my chest. I'm not sure who it scared more, me or him, but I was fine, earned my first bruises and scrapes, and moved on.

Lance Cantu was my Level One coach. I still wasn't sure if I liked CrossFit or not, about two weeks into the class. I remember posting on Facebook, "Oh CrossFit, will I ever truly love you?" I didn't get it, but every time I asked Lance if we were doing this workout for time, he would just smile, and tell me, "yes, Karen, for time." I think it took me a month before I figured out that in CrossFit, everything's for time. I remember watching the "real" CrossFitters, in the "real" classes, and thinking, "holy shit, there's no way in hell I'm going to be ready for that class." Lance had to literally kick me out of Level One after my second month, and I was terrified.

After personal training sessions with Lance in the fall of 2009, and with Zach more recently, the I Am Challenge, and now the Spartan 300 Challenge, I can say that I am a CrossFitter. I love this shit. I love my affiliate, CrossFit Central (and holla to SICFIT!!), and I will do this until my body gives out. I love the people I've met, and the coaches and classmates who have pushed me to do just a little bit more, pushed me outside of my comfort zone, and made me stronger than I could ever have imagined. I have finally found "my people." I finally feel like I belong to something bigger. That I belong, period.

365 days ago these words were not even a part of my vocabulary, WOD, paleo, kipping pull-up, muscle up, hand-stand push-up, overhead squat, thruster, and my love, deadlift! 365 days ago I was a different human being. That 40-year old woman wouldn't even begin to recognize the 41-year old staring back at her today. And to CrossFit, I say thank you.

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