Saturday, May 22, 2010

Where's the Oomph?

I've been thinking a lot about my CrossFit WOD's, and why I may start with gusto, then peeter out in the middle, and by the end, I'm just so grateful it's over, that I want to collapse. I know I'm not alone in feeling this way, and performing this way, but I need to figure out how to dig deep when I feel like I've got nothing left, and finish strong. I've been doing small group training with Zach on Fridays (with Lory and Andrew), and have been getting my ass handed to me each time. My performance in yesterday's WOD was a prime example of what I'm trying to stop doing. First things first, "the WOD":

30 Deadlifts (65#)
20 Hang cleans (65#)
10 Push press (65#)
4 Sled runs (90#)

Oh, and FIVE ROUNDS of it kids, good times! :o)

So as usual, Lory wiped the floor with me and Andrew. She is a badass. A sweet, yet strong-as-shit badass! I have thoroughly enjoyed working out with her, and need to take a page from her book on how to take a WOD, run with it, kill it, and finish strong. Having said that, hey Lory, how do you do it?

Anyway, I made it through the first round fine, then started slowing down during the second. What's happening here? Sure it was hot (who cares, we were all equally hot), my thumbs tore (who cares, it's CrossFit, that shit happens all the time), I'm getting tired fast (again, so what, suck it up), but it happened. I felt like I was "done" and hadn't even finished round 2! WTF??!?! There were so many rounds, I'm still not even sure I made it through all 5! (Really, I'm not sure I did, which leads me down another path, why is it so hard to keep track of what you're doing in the middle of a WOD? Why does everyone else seem like they're on top of their rounds and I don't? Why do I think I haven't done the whole WOD? Why do I feel like if I'm performing well, something must be wrong?) I finished in 32:14, more than a minute and a half (maybe 2 minutes?) behind Lory, and I was DEAD. We all were. Zach told us he felt like kicking our asses, and he delivered. I kind of like that he doesn't give us a time cut-off, I say "kind of", because it's great to finish a WOD, but then it means you have to actually finish the WOD. The end is when you finish, and only when you finish. Like I said, good times!

I still wonder where the energy goes? I'm still trying to figure out how to find that extra something that will push me through the WOD until the end. Where is the oomph? I need to find it.


  1. Might consider your diet and what youare eating during the day.

  2. We'll talk about oomph on our way to Dallas! In the meantime, watch this old video, I love the celebration jump at the end! This will be us! Minus the sexy leotard and 100 pounds of excess flesh..!v=3nJrYPVJ88M